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Interview taking place outdoors with woman and a cameraman

What fills your cup?

How do people find fulfillment? We served up tea and conversation in a historic Los Angeles neighborhood to find out.

Saturday at Los Angeles’ Echo Park Lake: Sun shining. Kids playing. Churro cart blasting sugar vapor into the air. Whatever folks were expecting on their way to the vintage market or the vegan brunch place, it probably wasn’t an open-ended question about all the things—little and big—that make their lives feel full and rich.

Why did we want to know? Maybe it’s a tea drinker thing; there’s something about pausing to sit with a steaming, fragrant mug that prompts us to consider those bigger questions— like what truly fulfills people.

So, we decided to head out into the world —with tea of course— to ask: “What fills your cup?” First stop, Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles.

We heard about nature and helping people, about that smell in the air when the seasons are starting to change.  One guy just felt lucky to be married to the same person for 42 years. A teen loved cars. Just cars. Driving them. How powerful they made him feel.The things that light us up might be very different but the feelings they bring—the joy, the energy—connects us to every other human being. Turns out “What fills your cup?” is maybe the most important question of all.

Get yourself a steaming cup of tea and watch the video.

Now you’ve gained lots of wonderful insights through ‘What fills your cup?’, we would like to introduce you to Reema – one of several amazing people whom we asked the same question. A few years ago, Reema received a life-altering diagnosis that has accompanied her ever since. This period reshaped her approach to life and provided her with the answer to our question. Find out more about Reema’s story and look out for the second part of our series now.

We’d like to share another very touching story in the third part of our series. Introducing Brian, whom we asked, “What fulfils you”? Brian talked us through his experience of overcoming a difficult childhood and his life as a child of immigrant parents. We were inspired by Brian’s story, and we think you will be too. Find out more about Brian’s story and look out for the third video in this series.

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