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Yogi Annual Sustainability Report

Celebrating together on Earth Day

Earth Day marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement. But after another year of distressing news about climate change, it can feel unclear if this is a celebration or a memorial. Can one day, one choice, or one person really make a difference? At Yogi, everything we do is powered by the emphatic belief: “absolutely!”

We treat Earth Day (and everyday) as a celebration of reciprocity: when we show care for the earth through our growing, harvesting, and processing practices, the resulting cup of tea nourishes you and the place it came from, creating a cycle of abundance.

Our celebration and gratitude are expressed by taking every possible measure to share those things with you sustainably. Behind every cup of Yogi tea is healthier soil, cleaner drinking water, empowered local stewards, and a deep respect for the functional properties of every ingredient. We don’t just see Earth as our host, it’s our life-partner.

Our New Sustainability Report

Earth Day is also when we share our Annual Sustainability Report. This year’s report focuses on our teas’ journey, from the minds of our R&D experts to your mug, illuminating how sustainability informs every step along the way: packaging, shipping, sourcing, and our facilities.

We think it’s no coincidence that Earth Day falls one day after naturalist John Muir’s birthday, who famously said: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” So, we raise a cup of tea to you, to us, to our global partners, to the planet—together, we’re doing something worth celebrating.

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